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Watch out - UV EXTREME

Extreme UV conditions persist across Aotearoa.  Dermatologists are seeing sunburns because people underestimate the power of the sun.  The commonest thread seems being caught out if it is overcast or the wind is cooler and over reliance  on limited applications of sunscreen.

People are coming into the dermatologist for post-holiday checks with tanned and freckled up skin which equals sun damage. Shoulders, necks and chests seem to be hit most by burning and this is most easily prevented with summer clothing with higher necklines and sleeves when outdoors.

These high UV days coincide with the summer sales.  A long-sleeved SPF 50 sunscreen is a great option as a summer gift.  Make the most of the sales and look for lighter weight UV protective clothes with more cover in the sleeves or legs, sarongs can be a great cover all for the beach. Avoid the potential for a fried chest and shoulders from a tank top, layer these with a good looser cotton or linen overshirt when outside.

Parents need to be alert for sun protection measures for children particularly when the sports and school swimming days are held over the next few months.  Educate the children to remember the slip slop slap shade message.  Outdoor sports days can be times of high risk especially for fairer children and proactive parents should push for Sunsmart measures in their schools.