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There’s still time to make a difference to lagging sunscreen standards in NZ...but you need to do it now.


Submissions are open for just two more days as the Sunscreen Product Safety Bill heads to select committee. 

Despite our fierce sunlight and extremely high skin cancer rates products can be sold here claiming to have SPF/UVA protection values without mandatory testing. Go here to find out more about how to submit and read the bill:


Dermatologists and other health professionals have endorsed MP Todd Muller's efforts to get NZ on an equal footing with Australia.  We share joint sunscreen standards for product testing and labelling but the standard is only mandatory in Australia not in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Dermatological Society has made a submission in favor of mandatory testing.  Research has shown regular use of sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer but the products used do need to meet SPF and UVA standards to achieve this.  Consumer NZ has regularly demonstrated multiple products sold in NZ fail to meet claimed sun protection values. Join the call to help us all have more confidence when we buy sunscreens or make up claiming SPF and UVA protection.