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Spring school holidays..time to be Sun Smart

This weekend really is one to enjoy the outdoors in many parts of Aotearoa.  With almost summer temperatures in eastern areas the beach will lure the hardier swimmers. Crazy spring changeable weather given it was snowing at a few southern beaches last week that are reaching over 20 degrees today.  The spring school holidays are a time to take sun protection more seriously whatever the temperature.  The UV index is indicating sunburn risk - hitting 4s in the south and in the high range - 8 - in the north.  Invest in good wider brim hats and clothing for the beach and pools and consider working sun protection into the day’s plans well before the sunscreen goes on. Plan to be indoors or in the shade during the middle of the day. Some parents will find a midday siesta can work well for a break from the highest UV conditions.  Aim for SPF 50 long sleeve rash tops and SPF 50 sunscreen.  Remember to keep up the hat and sunscreen habit once back at school for Term 4.  If you are blessed with a pool at home it’s likely sited in a high UV position, don't wait for summer, add some effective shade now and limit exposure to that midday sunshine.