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Picnic anyone?

Confused about levels and traffic lights? Wondering how busy Covid testing will be for Christmas travel fantasies?

Let’s face it…We are stuck in limbo, picnics are the only option.  Here’s how your dermatologist can help make your picnic safe.

Auckland, our trapped 40% of NZ – your UV level is very high, stay safe team of 2 million, this is spring, you are at red for UV, you need:

  1. A hat
  2. Clothing for cover, but aim for the shade
  3. Umbrellas would be fab if the spring wind settles down
  4. A mask is quite handy for UV protection, go for triple layers of cloth for Covid
  5. Pack some sunscreen and renew old supplies
  6. Wet wipes? Yes, if compostable, MIT free/fragrance free or just use a tissue. Parents - ice cream is essential and sticky, enjoy the small things, it’s all you can do to stay safe.