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Dermatologists from around Aotearoa were heading to Queenstown for our annual NZDSI meeting when the Level 4 lockdown hit.

With the lockdown just hours prior to the first sessions organisers did an awesome job to make an immediate shift to an online conference.

Highlights were numerous and included:

 Launch of a patch testing series relevant to exposures to products in NZ.  Established by a working party of our local contact dermatitis specialists, it’s out with the “European series” and in with the “NZ series”. Overseas speakers discussed new medications available or coming for dermatitis and psoriasis. We had instructive lessons in providing gender affirming health care.  Surgical sessions included tricks and tips and more advanced techniques to optimize surgery on the face such as  in the repair of difficult Mohs surgery defects.  An interesting bunch of cases from dermatopathologists coincidentally brought together reports of cases suspected to be reactions to antibacterial rinse chemical benzalkonium chloride.  If you have a recent underarm or groin rash check you have not switched to this as a laundry rinse in your efforts to fight Covid.  An excellent update on sunscreen standards brought a reminder the spring UV is here and it's time to start protecting again very regularly with both cover up clothing and creams.

Dermatologists will be returning to their practices this week, do be in contact if you have any urgent concerns as most will make online consultations available and they will work within protocols for the different Covid levels.