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Psoriasis-what is in a name?

Psoriasis, what is in a name?  A disorder that affects 1-2% of all New Zealanders and causes a huge amount of distress for those afflicted. It does not discriminate.

Psoriasis is a red scaly rash commonly on the elbows and knees but actually can affect any part of the skin including the scalp. It can also be found on body folds and on the nails causing them to become thickened and to split.

Many sufferers of psoriasis adapt their life to the disease, covering up and sometimes avoiding social contact. It can be very stigmatising. It may not be possible to swim at the beach or pool. For some, even a small area of psoriasis, depending on the body site, can be very distressing.

Seek treatment for psoriasis if you have it. There are a range of possible treatments including cream, light, tablets and medications called biologic agents. Light treatment called narrow band ultraviolet light can be very effective especially when there is too much psoriasis to treat with cream. There are a range of tablets which need to be suited to the individual. In New Zealand, there are four biologic agents, funded by Pharmac provided the correct criteria are reached.  These biologics are adalimumab, etanercept, infliximab and secukinumab. There are other biologic agents for psoriasis. These are currently not funded by Pharmac.

There is an enormous amount of research in to psoriasis going on around the world, including in New Zealand, and the future for new and effective treatments is very promising.

It is often commented that stress makes psoriasis worse. Here in New Zealand at the University of Auckland, with the Department of Psychological Medicine, the Faculty of Science and Dermatology there is a study for New Zealanders examining this problem and trying to answer the question – why? The study needs participants so if you are interested in taking part and New Zealand based please e mail Mikaela, a PhD candidate, at mlaw382@aucklanduni.ac.nz.

Psoriasis, what is in a name? The answer is complex.