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NZDSI Dermatologists: The Authority on Medical Dermatology, Surgical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology. Why is this justified?

Although dermatologists are expert in all skin disorders, some have specialty interests and focus their work in specific areas. Some specialise in surgical dermatology especially skin cancer, some in medical dermatology (rashes) and some in cosmetic dermatology. If you look at the New Zealand Dermatological Society Inc (NZDSI) web page you will see the statement “The Authority on Medical Dermatology, Surgical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology”. Why is this justified?

Training to become a dermatologist in New Zealand is rigorous. It may take 12-15 years. Initially there is the university course to graduate as a doctor, usually 6 years. Then follows post graduate training. The initial part is to pass the examinations of Royal Australasian College of Physicians which can be sat after 3 years. After passing these exams, the prospective dermatologist can then apply for a dermatology training position. This is a further 4 years whole time with 2 years spent overseas to build international experience. Some dermatologists will undertake specific additional training in their specific field of interest.
This detail is given so that you can understand the depth and length of training required to become a dermatologist in New Zealand and for you to have confidence in the dermatologist you choose to see. For example, if you have a specific cosmetic question, you will have assurance that the dermatologist will have a full understanding of all the medical (non-surgical) and surgical options for you based on deep and broad experience.

Only NZDSI Dermatologists are permitted to use the distinctive logo. Look for it.