Wilson-Allison Memorial Prize in Dermatology

The NZ Dermatological Society Inc (NZDSI) has agreed to fund annual dermatology prizes for New Zealand medical students.

The prizes commemorate the work of the late Dr H W Wilson of Auckland and the late Dr P E Allison of Christchurch, who were pioneers of Dermatology in New Zealand.

Criteria for undergraduates

  • There will be two annual undergraduate dermatology prizes, to be awarded to a successful 4th-year medical student from:
    1. Auckland University; and,
    2. Otago University.
  • The award is $750 to each winner.
  • The award is based on an essay of 2000 words or less and judged by the President of the NZDSI and the Heads of the Departments of Medicine, University of Auckland, and Dunedin School of Medicine respectively.
  • The prize will be awarded in the 5th year.

2019 Prize

The essay title for 2019 is "The management of severe psoriasis has been transformed in the last 10 years. Atopic eczema is a chronic, disabling and for some, a lifelong condition. Is the management of severe atopic eczema about to be transformed in a similar way?"

Submit your entry by e-mail to Sue Peck, NZDSI administrator: sue@spconferences.co.nz.

The deadline for entry for Auckland Medical Students is 30th September 2019.

The deadline for entry for Otago Medical Students is 30th September 2019.

The entry must include your contact details: full name, medical school, email address and postal address.

Medical students from other years of study or from outside New Zealand are not eligible to apply.

The Wilson-Allison Dermatology Prize Winners

2018 Winners announced

The 2018 winners of the Wilson-Allison Dermatology Prize are:

Auckland University - Lizzie Rakhmanova

Otago University - Nikita Quinn